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Here we go again, to write

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I never could decide the topic or genre though: whether fiction, nonfiction, books, essays, articles… Needless to say, due to my dearth of published content, I’m currently at the exalted “failed writer” status. The emails I write for work (though often beautifully crafted?!) do not make the cut.

This hasn’t always been the case. When I lived in South Sudan, I blogged (which you can check out here). I enjoyed taking the time to synthesize my impressions and experiences, e.g. of living under a Mango tree, in a tent, by the Nile River, as a young and malleable 22-year-old, and sharing them to the world (or my family, primarily).

And despite having “drafted” 15 or so blog posts, from book reviews, to where the best stargazing sites are in Africa, to describing how airports work, I’ve never felt either the push or the pull to first edit and then publish them.

So now, due to the supportive nag by a loved one, I’m publishing this ouverture, a first volley. I’m hoping it’s the beginning of many substantial, colorful, useful, interesting, and maybe even beautiful passages to grace these pages online. If not, well, at least I can’t get much worse than being a failed and unpublished writer!

If you become a reader, thank you! Let’s see where this goes.


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