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I think, taking cue from Deutsch and Popper, all problems that we encounter, no matter how outrageous, are solvable if the solutions don't require breaking the laws of physics. You just need sufficient knowledge.

With this site I'm trying to assemble questions worth pondering, problems worth solving, and a dollop of joy - from the visual to the described aromas from drinking a good cup of coffee. In all, hold me to account: don't let me forget a side of optimism. 

My background is what's to a generalist necessary: non-linear. I grew up in Southern California within a modern and comfortable German/American/Mexican family. Graduated from Dartmouth with the ability to communicate Arabic. And I've now lived in Egypt, South Sudan, and Kenya for eight of the past nine eight years; I find these contexts ripe for meditating on the mystery of consciousness, artificial intelligence, existential risk prevention, surveillance capitalism, cosmology/astronomy, health and longevity, effective altruism, and the pursuit of an examined life. I'm always the guest at this party. 

If I have one goal at the moment, it's to be the dumbest in the room. So share with me your well-intended responses to anything I post here.


With much love,


(P.S. My old blog from South Sudan - written as a young 22-23 year-old -- can be found here)

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